Environmental Issues of Refineries

The great health impact through accidental explosions, accidental fires, gad and chemical leaks that also happen at refineries for time to time also cause great concern as it will produce a much higher pollution rate that is acutely dangerous at the time and possible future impact on
both human and animal health as well as harmful to the environment. Most of refinery gasses that it emits are harmful to human life as in severe cases it could cause death and in lesser degrees but equally harmful and dangerous cause permanent damage. Health damage include bronchitis, chest pains, coughing, asthma, leukemia, birth defects, headaches, eye problems, nausea, skin irritations and cancers. The worst affected are often the vulnerable including children and the elderly.

Refineries also face other problems which could often not be controlled and that is fugitive emissions, which is leaks via equipment and these fugitive emissions are often much more harmful and dangerous simply because it was not considered and at a much higher amount, but fortunately many countries od require monitoring of fugitive emissions, but not in all countries that is the case though.